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Hi my name is Danny Giunto and I am the founder of HMV for everyone. Hear My Voice is a website based around everyday people and their personal experiences,¬†new ideas or even just wanting to share their personal opinions with people who have similar interests. Think of it like a blog for everyone, questions, problems, ideas, or even opinions for that matter are welcome. In my free time I have found myself searching ideas that are mainly opinion based, but what If I could get first hand knowledge from experts or even just innovative ideas from every day entrepreneurs? I am watching a show and I have a question but am I the only one? I am at the Doctor’s office and there is a complication with my insurance , is this just me? I find myself googling the answer or digging through information¬†just to get one but what if someone already has an answer?? What if people just want to share their knowledge of specific encounters to avoid further catastrophic failure. Okay maybe not that far , but that is where HMV comes in. Weather it be that you just want to share and idea or a opinion over your favorite baseball team, why the cubs will repeat this year or why Lebron James in single handily the greatest NBA player in history, then voice it. Even if you get bored and you just want to read ideas and opinions on new topics you can just browse! The reason for HMV is to give everyone a voice. It helps to creates a strong opinion , you don’t have to be a politician or even a celebrity, you can be a everyday middle class person who just wants to share their opinion on why Chevy needs to create a AWD sports car or why Macy’s is a ideal shopping site over Kohl’s. Lets be honest, who does not want their voice to be heard, who does not like to argue their opinion? Think of it like a discussion board is open for business. Bring new ideas, build strong evidence backed up by sources or just come and share your opinions with everyone. I hope you see the significance in this like I do and help not only change the world but to show that if we share our knowledge , we can work together and make strides toward innovating the future!


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